Friday, 15 July 2016

New And More Innovative Moulding Inserts - Brass Moulding Inserts.

Moulding inserts are very commonly used in manufacturing process however with the advancement in technology new and more versatile inserts have come into being. One of them being the brass moulding inserts which are quite popular

What exactly is moulding-in?

There can be thread inserts as well as brass inserts so with the use of plain pins and unique design technology the brass inserts are put into the, moulds in order to give flash free threads. This forms a very important part in the manufacturing process.

Features Of Brass Moulding Inserts

There are many kinds of moulds inserts which are very widely used, they offer a complete range of standardisation

1. Easier to Mould - Since the brass inserts are situated on a plain pin therefore, it can be done with one single go and no other option is required to demould from the moulding tool itself. Since it does not require any sleeve ejector therefore it simplifies the entire process of demoulding.

2. Design Is More Standardised - Since the design is more standardise therefore it is easier to operate and the results are more appropriate. Therefore it offers more flexibility and the designer can exercise his imagination as he does not have to look for a specific mould each time he wants a different size. This inturn reduces cost and increased profitability and productivity.

3. More Accuracy - As it is thin walled therefore during demoulding there is more accuracy and the product is more appropriate. Since in production and manufacturing domain it is very important to be precise therefore the brass moulding inserts provides as with the accuracy as it is very easy to mould from the edges to the top. Once the moulding is over there is a huge lot of sheer points which are created which provides a higher axial and radial results.

Following Are The Advantages Of Brass Moulding Inserts

  • Since it is very flexible and easy to work on therefore it is easy on the mould tool
  • It provide a high grip on the mould tool on both the top as well as the centre where the tensile power is maximum which allows the insert to dislodge easily once the moulding process is complete
  • It is most suitable for all kind of pipes as it works best for everything whether it is a short length bolt or a thick bolt. The insert can be adjusted accordingly
  • It is easier to work with therefore it leads to reduction in design time, thus increasing productivity
  • It works very nicely with material which experiences high flashing and poses greater issues with performance such as plastic and rubber.

Thus if you have a choice of choosing the kind of insert it is wise to go in for brass inserts not only due to its performance but also due to its flexibility and versatility of it being working with other material effectively., which leads to reduction in production cost and leading to higher productivity.


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