Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Brass Machine Screws Doesn't Screw You!

"Great thing comes in small packages" if one is to make believe to this statement then this article is exactly for you. We are so much into our daily routines that it makes you avoid so many small things which are responsible for many great things happening to us. We spend most of our times in two places one is our home and second is our work place. This articles main topic covers both your most time spent places and without it major appliances and gadgets which we boast upon is useless.

We are talking about brass screws. Yes, brass screws, which you may think is a tiny little part is responsible for some big appliances standing tall in your house and office. Its brass screws which are used in assembling expensive laptops, computers, washing machines, TV sets, music systems and etc.

Brass screws are made up of brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is a strong metal which has a tendency of having long life hence it becomes durable too.  Brilliance of brass is shown in so many other components of fittings and plumbing. All major constructional sites opt for brass fittings due to its longevity and high quality.

What Is Screw?

Brass machine screws are like fasteners which are similar to bolts. They are small in looks but are great in purpose. They are technically built with helical design so that it makes its own space while it's been drived into wood or any metal. Its head is usually big and it somehow looks like a cone. Basic tools that are needed to drive screws are screw driver and wrench. 

Why Brass Screws? 

As discussed brass is a solid metal which has longevity due its tough nature. All the parts that are used in assembling need to be tough and should be durable as they can't be replaced on daily basis. Due to brass strongness they don't breaks while getting driven. Brass is corrosion free and due to this brass screws are even used in marine such as boats, ships and submarines. Even in industrial areas their demand is very high as they are also used in assembling many heavy industrial plants and machineries. There are known worldwide for their grip and due to which not only in India but they are used widely all over the world. Most of the brass screws are driven clock wise.

Due to their high usage they are manufactured in bulk by many manufacturers across the country also their availability is very easy as they are available at any hardware shop easily. They are available in different sizes as their use is multi-dimensional. Furniture industry is incomplete without brass screws as they need them to fix each log of wood to each other to manufacture some beautiful looking furniture.

There are many kinds of screws are available like Lag screw, Hex cap screw and Machine screw to name a few. Thus its high demand shows its high demand in the market as it is needed in all kind of industrial work.


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