Thursday, 1 June 2017

Defective Brass Piping Result in Major Plumbing Failure

Plumbing defects are the reason behind brass fittings failure. The failed compression fittings applied in flexible PEX pipe systems has become cheaper alternative to copper plumbing. Brass elbow pipe fittings manufacturers bring this article for people to explain how defective brass piping initiates plumbing failure. Read this article thoroughly and discover.

PEX plumbing systems are renowned products in the market. These are relatively low in price, flexibility, and ease in installation. The residential areas using PEX pipes made of flexible plastic material for transporting drinking water. The connection between the fittings and flexible pipe used to interconnect the pipes is crucial to any PEX system. Most PEX systems manufactured by experts rely on a compression seal between the fittings and pipes used for interconnecting these pipes.

The compression seal is usually developed by expanding the pipe and inserting the fitting made of brass alloy.

Maximum brass fittings used by people today, corrode and weaken due to dezincification. Brass alloy is made of copper and zinc and this is why it reacts and starts de-zincify when the zinc content exceeds 15% of the metal. During that phase, zinc is at risk of leaching out of the metal when it gets in contact with potable water. When zinc leaves the brass, the metal becomes weaker and the surface of brass fitting gets altered.

When zinc is washed off from the surface of metal, the water tight seal between the brass fitting and PEX pipe is compromised. The ends of the brass fittings have ferrules at the end. When the metal starts eroding and weakens, water passes through the ferrules and this result in leakage.

The leakage points can be small or hidden within a wall. You won't find them instantly. Another reason behind failure is the catastrophic, when a compression fitting fails, separating the PEX pipe from the fitting result in extreme water damage.

If your home also includes PEX pipes or have hydronic heating systems, you must perform inspection of the system to prevent premature failure of the fittings.

There are several ways to contact brass elbow pipe fitting manufacturers offering repairing and replacement services to their customers. You can reach to them via mail or official website chatting option and have a word with them. You can ask them anything related to brass fittings and PEX fittings. For feedback, just make your valuable comment below. We will appreciate if you don't repeat your same comment.

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