Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How Well Do You Know Brass Turned Components?

Brass turned components are widely used in almost all types of industries that rely on machines. It refers to parts made by turning or moulding brass. If you are someone who works with machines closely either as a handler, manufacturer, or repairman, you would know what I am referring to and would also appreciate the value the brass components add to machineries.
The Importance

Turned components are an integral part of both commercial and non-commercial machines. The customized parts are often crafted with a variety of metals and alloys for precision and desired qualities like resistance to rust, sturdiness, temperature and voltage resistance, etc.

Depending on the features that you are looking for, the alloy or metal used for creating turned components might vary. Now, brass is usually a preferred choice because of a variety of properties that make it fit for both heavy duty and small scale industrial appliances.

Brass has high strength and at the same time manufacturers can work wonders with it. Once the component is ready, it is highly durable because of the inherent hardness. Apart from this, the appearance that resembles gold is a bonus. The other properties like conduction and resistance to rust and weather contribute to the package.

The Variety

Brass manufacturers can practically create any type of component. It would be difficult to find a readymade range here because customers generally opt for brass turned components in case where the requirement is very specific. This means a particular shape with set dimensions and a preference in terms of the finishing as well.
  • CNC machine parts
  • Precision turned components
  • Engineering parts
  • Industrial components
These are the categories under which turned components are usually classified. A customer might be looking for a certain type of machine part for CNC machines. The manufacturer would offer a variety like terminals, screws, or specific parts for the model of the machine.

The Quality

None of us would consider purchasing an item without checking its quality and brass turned components are no exception in this case. A quality check is a must before engaging in any type of commercial contract for such components.

A few simple ways are to look for international accreditations like certification by ISO or DIN standards, manual in-house inspection, paid quality checks, etc. By employing these checks, you can be sure of the quality of the turned components that your manufacturer is offering.

The quality takes another dimension if you are choosing turned components for a high-risk machine or industry. For example, components for drills used in mining. These might be required to conduct emergency rescue operations and therefore, a substandard quality will not do here.

The knowledge regarding the role of turned components, their variety, and also the ways to ensure the quality should help you choose the right type of brass turned components for your machines or equipment. If you have something to add or enhance to the knowledge of turned components, please leave a comment in the designated section.


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