Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Brass Moulding Inserts and its Uses

Brass is the alloy of zinc and copper. Brass is a versatile element which can be used for decorating articles such as brass vase etc. Brass is also used for lock sets, doorknobs, automobile parts, plumbing etc. Thus making brass one of the most used metal. The most important feature of brass is that it is corrosion free which means products made up of brass are durable hence using brass parts can be very cost effective.

Why Brass Parts?


As most of the brass parts are corrosion free they provide better longevity wherever its products are used. They are also heat resistant which makes them more useful in the process of plumbing. Many constructional sites specially give preference to the brass products because of their durability. They don't get affected to any chemical effect by water as water carries zinc, lead and ammonia which with due course damages the pipes in long run which results into cracking up of pipes and getting them rusty. All the major parts are available for plumbing in brass as each part compliments the other with ease. They can be easily tightened to one another without any hassle.

What Are Brass Moulding Inserts?

Brass moulding is the process by which manufacturing is done through liquid raw material by using different moulds for different process. These moulds are used to make some specific patterns or design. Brass moulding inserts are mainly used in plastic industries. The liquid is kept in the moulds for hours for drying till it completely dries and the final product is taken out of the moulds for further nickel and brass polish.

Brass moulding insert is the technique by which it is kept into the injection moulds, the raw material is then kept in moulds to fill the gaps to form a shape. Brass moulding inserts are stronger and light in weight since it increases more strength and stability. These brass moulding inserts have various needs and are manufactured according to the needs.

What Are the Uses of Brass Moulding Inserts?

  • Brass Moulding inserts provides high thermal conductivity which results into faster heating and plastic parts insertion.
  • Brass products are easier to use in machines which reduces the cost of manufacturing cost.
  • Brass moulding inserts are often used when they are exposed to chemicals as they don't tend to get damage because of its corrosion free nature. Due to this feature they are often used in marine environments and where seawater doesn't damage the parts.
  • These are specially coated with nickel so that tarnishing can be reduced.
  • Brass moulding inserts possesses high strength and holds the other threaded part well in grip for longevity. 
  • They are mainly done to manufacture electrical junction box, Industrial use and sanitary products. Cars outer fibre bodies are mainly done by this moulding inserts only.
Therefore brass moulding insert are very useful product when it comes to various works and due to which manufacturers are manufacturing more and more moulding inserts so that the demand can be fulfilled.

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